Our Focus Is Helping You Launch And Keep Your Startup In Orbit

Creating A Unique Roadmap For Your Business

The high-tech market has never been so vibrant as it is today, and technology has been a key enabler of this new world. If innovation is at the top of your agenda and you need legal assistance for your business, we are eager to help.

We believe that startups are helping make this world a better place, thanks to the fresh perspective they bring to reinvent how we do business. However, new ways of operating could bring exciting challenges to your startup or existing business, such as how to shield your startup or company from potential noncompliance or litigation. Our firm, HJF Law, provides 21st-century legal representation and services for individuals and partners ready to revolutionize their industries, just like you.

What we can do for you:

  • Incorporation
    • Documents filed with State
    • EIN
    • Board minutes and organization
    • Founders’ Stock Issuance
    • IP Protection Agreements
    • NDAs – Review and Draft
    • Doing business filings
    • DBA registrations
  • Employment
    • Employment and Consulting Agreements
    • Advise on Out-of-State and Out-of-Country personnel
    • Termination matters
    • Stock Option Plans
  • Financing – review, create, advise on, negotiate
    • Friends & Family
    • Term Sheets
    • Convertible Debt
    • SAFEs
    • Seed Round
    • Series AA Round
    • Series A, B, etc.
    • M&A
    • Joint Ventures
  • Intellectual Property
    • Advice and strategy for protection
    • EULAs
    • Licensing Agreements
    • Sharing your IP
    • Trademarks and Copyright
  • SaaS Agreements
    • SOWs
    • SLAs
  • Web Page/App
    • Terms of Use
    • Privacy Notice
    • Cookies
  • Document Room
    • We organize and tidy up your document room to make them attractive and easy to use for investors
  • Weekly/Biweekly Legal Check-ins
  • Billing
    • Preferred – Retainer (Fractional General Counsel)
    • Acceptable  – Task-based
    • If you twist our arms – Hourly

Scale Your Business

We draw from our 30 years of experience as business attorneys to provide you with highly customized solutions and to protect every aspect of the efforts you’re about to undertake. We want your business to succeed, and we will work hard to get the answers and solutions you need.

Our lawyers serve clients across New York, the country and worldwide. Call us at 347-428-8845 to schedule an appointment. We can also answer emails you send us using this online intake form.