Our Focus Is Helping You Launch And Keep Your Startup In Orbit

Fractional Legal Counsel For Strategic Decision-Making

As we see it, your business may become one of your life’s most outstanding achievements and set a new standard in the market. We want you to continue innovating while we help you with all the legal hurdles and keep your business safe.

Solid legal foundations can lead to flourishing endeavors that help you to offer your services worldwide. The sky could be the limit when you have the right documents and stay compliant with domestic and international regulations. At The Law Offices of Howard J. Finkelstein, PLLC, we know the rules of the game and will use them in your favor.

We Love Helping Startup Companies

Startups are fresh, innovative and are making the world a better place. Let us help you make the world a better place with your startup. We draw from our more than three decades of experience to tailor our comprehensive legal services to your specific needs.

We can help you with:

  • Creating Your Business Plan – What is your idea? Is it a good one? How do you know? What are you willing to risk to get it off the ground? Where will establish your headquarters? Will you need to lease space? Will you need permits to run your enterprise? What will your business name be? Is that name available? How long do you plan to be in business? How will you market or advertise your business? Will you need to advertise?
  • Business Organization – Will you be a sole proprietor? Partnership? Limited liability company? S-corporation? 501(c)(3)? What are the tax advantages/disadvantages? What kind of liability are you willing to risk or not risk? Do you know how to file with the secretary of state? No? We will help you.
  • Raising Funds – Tap the right resources for your type of business: government grants, crowdsourcing, individual friends, your great aunt, your aristocratic cousin, venture capital firms, “angel” networks, incubators, hedge funds and more.
  • Risk Assessment – We can help you develop your plans and advise your decision-making based on market research and risk analysis. Our law firm also offers tools for tracking ideas, income, spending and investment.
  • Fractional General Counsel – Once your business is up and running, we stay by your side and provide the legal counsel you need to address anticipated or unforeseen legal issues so you can keep your successful momentum at full capacity.

Are You Already An Established Business?

We offer fractional general counsel to address your current legal needs in:

  • Getting it right – Create solid documents like employment agreements, leasing or purchase/sale agreements, HR policies and independent contractor handbooks. We also advise you and help you comply with the relevant regulations. We create contracts to cover your rights and needs in highly technical issues like those involving SaaS governance or crypto policies.
  • General guidance – We answer your questions and address your concerns ranging from how to source cloud partners to corporate law, tax issues and even the proper dress code for that major Zoom call.
  • Litigation and negotiation – We know that you could be facing difficult times. We will represent your best interests through any legal issue you face.

We will at your side to provide the ongoing support you need to keep your relevance in the market.

Tailor-Made Legal Solutions

We serve clients across the globe. We will be here for you when you establish your business in an orbiting space station. Contact our office at 347-428-8845 or send us an email to get started.